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20/10/2008: merchandise update: River Song and spacesuited Vashta Nerada figures from Character Options will be available in the shops from mid November.

17/10/2008: BAFTA Scotland have announced today that Steven Moffat has been nominated in the Writing In Film Or Television category for Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. The ceremony takes place on November 9th in Glasgow.

27/08/2008: Press Gang the Movie?  More scurrilous rumour at DigitalSpy.

23/08/2008: a few more details have emerged about the Sherlock Holmes project - reported by Broadcast; BBC.co.uk reports speculation on a Doctor Who movie, with Moff comment from Edinburgh.

10/08/2008: Surely they have to re-name them The Moff Awards now?  Blink scores Moff his Hugo hat-trick...

08/08/2008: gratuitous use of Blink imagery in totally unrelated bbc.co.uk article here.

02/08/2008: Doctor Who roundtable with Steven Moffat @ Comic-Con - now available on YouTube, courtesy of CollectionDX.

28/07/2008: 12 clips from Jekyll from BBC Worldwide, now available on YouTube here: YT Jekyll playlist.

20/05/2008: just in case anyone missed the memo...


Steven Moffat will be Lead Writer and Executive Producer of the 5th series of Doctor Who.

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