18/09/2008: Steven Moffat will be taking part in a BAFTA event entitled Time Travel in TV Drama & Comedy, alongside Ashley Pharoah and Maurice Gran, on October 6th in Cardiff. More details are available from the BAFTA website.

28/08/2008: Organgrinder reports Steven Moffat's speech at the MediaGuardian Television Festival in Edinburgh.

18/08/2008: The Moff steps up in Edinburgh to replace RTD - reported by guardian.co.uk

31/07/2008: we haven't quite managed to get to the bottom of this one yet - but reports over the weekend in the Daily Express suggest Press Gang may be set to return, spawning a blog at The Guardian. More on this once we've applied the thumbscrews to the usual suspects...

29/07/2008: Expect new monsters...  bbc.co.uk reworks last week's ComicCon reportage. Also on BBC-3's 60 Seconds news bulletins.

24/07/2008: Cindy White interviews The Moff at San Diego ComicCon - you can read her interview at SciFi Wire; more SDCC interviews/reportage at ComingSoon.net, io9, IGN.com, Tor.com and blogged at The Guardian.

22/07/2008: No more Tintin! Juggling his work commitments, something had to give. Moff quite rightly claims it is "the proper duty of every British subject to come to the aid of the TARDIS". Reported with a scandalous twist by the Mail Online, and also at Suite 101.

11/07/2008: Jason Arnopp has posted some "outtakes" from his recent Moff interview for Doctor Who Magazine - you can read this exclusive content on Jason's blog.

06/07/2008: both Blink and The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances feature in the Daily Telegraph's Ten Greatest Episodes of Doctor Who Ever...

30/06/2008: Blink's Weeping Angels feature  at #3 in Neil Gaiman's Top Ten New Classic Monsters in Entertainment Weekly (June 27- July 4 2008)

29/06/2008: Coupling begins a repeat run in the UK, weeknights at 11:10 pm on Paramount Comedy 1, from Monday 30th June.

25/06/2008: Doctor Who Magazine #397 features a 9 page interview with Steven Moffat entitled Master of the Macabre. Sadly, there are no scary pictures with guns this time... although the cartoon that accompanies Production Notes more than compensates...

20/06/2008: you can now download two podcasts about Jekyll from British Invaders.

18/06/2008: The Moff's interview with Big Issue Scotland is reprinted in Big Issue Wales this week (16-22 June)

11/06/2008: And the next award nomination is... Jekyll, for Best Mini Series, at the 48th Monte Carlo Television Festival (sadly, it didn't win!)

03/06/2008: we now have a gorgeous selection of icons from Silence in the Library, which you can find here.

04/06/2008: use the red setting...

01/06/2008: Silence in the Library has scared us witless, and promises some gob-smacking revelations to come...

29/05/2008: McExterminate! In an exclusive interview with Big Issue Scotland, Steven Moffat spills the beans on the Scottish invasion of the TARDIS...

25/05/2008: we have some new Team Moffat icons, courtesy of the lovely Flip - you can find them here.

23/05/2008: The countdown to Silence in the Library has begun over at the BBC's official Doctor Who website. You also watch an extended mid-season trailer on YouTube here. Steven and Sue Vertue attended the gala premiere of Never Forget last night, so we can only conclude that Doctor Who the Musical can't be very far away... J

20/05/2008: Firstly, my apologies. Its taken me a few hours to get the site caught up with the rest of the world following today's Big News, and the site counter has been going bananas... We knew it was coming, just not precisely when. And so, just in case anyone missed the memo...


Steven Moffat will be Lead Writer and Executive Producer of the 5th series of Doctor Who.

[BBC press release] [Media Guardian] [The Stage] [The Hollywood Reporter]


We are truly delighted to be able to finally report this news as fact.  The lovely Cindy White interviewed SM last July for SciFi.com and caused a flurry of speculation by reporting a certain hesitation in answering the question of RTD's successor... and we've had to wait nearly a year before anyone admitted it officially.


"My entire career has been a Secret Plan to get this job. I applied before but I got knocked back 'cos the BBC wanted someone else. Also I was seven."


The self-depreciating humour is typical, and whilst we don't buy for one minute that Spike and Lynda are merely the by-products of a cunning strategy spanning four decades, we can rejoice in the fact that the fanboy gene has been evident since Page One. We are extremely excited at the prospect of The Moff in charge, and suspect that, amongst other things, it will mean more cleavage and snogging on Saturday nights. And of course we are already looking forward to Terror on Talwinning Street, because the wheel has to turn full circle...


This website will continue to follow and support Steven Moffat's career, whatever the project. Doctor Who will remain an important part of our coverage, but we have no intention of forgetting the other elements of the Moffat Master Plan.


Very proudly celebrating the astonishing tenacity of that seven year old Moff finally realising his dream,



12/05/2008: WINNER!!!  Congratulations to The Moff, who scooped his "grown up" BAFTA for Best Writer last night the Television Craft Awards from under the noses of some weighty competition.

09/05/2008: fancy an excuse to stare at The Dex for hours? Try our all-new SpikeJongg!

07/05/2008: Robbed!!  Sadly Jekyll missed out on an award at the Rose d'Or Festival this week. Time to send Mr Hyde round to pay the judges a little visit...

29/04/2008: we've had a quiet couple of weeks on sm.net, and so it appears that to liven things up a bit, a certain person has only gone and won the BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Screenwriter...  "Enilledig a 'n waedlyd BAFTA!" (apparently) We now have everything crossed for the forthcoming BAFTA Television Craft Awards on May 11.

06/04/2008: we're hearing whispers that the Screaming Angel variant from Blink is finally available from Character Options. We'll post links to suppliers when we track them down...

04/04/2008: it's been reported on the CBBC website that River's Run has been retitled Forest of the Dead.

03/04/2008: Doctor Who Magazine #394 features a 5 page interview with Steven Moffat, covering his work on Doctor Who, the forthcoming 2-part story in Series 4, and also touches on his other work.

30/03/2008: new articles posted - Joking Apart Series 2 and The Week and Pizza.

28/03/2008: nominations for the BAFTA Television Craft Awards were announced earlier this week... and no prizes for guessing who made the shortlist. Blink faces some stiff competition, with The Moff up against TV heavyweights Tony Marchant and Jimmy McGovern. But we'd like to be able to say "won a bloody BAFTA!" again after 18 years, so naturally we have everything crossed. The BAFTA Craft Awards take place on May 11.

25/03/2008: to mark the release of Joking Apart Series 2 on DVD, you can now play JokingJongg. Enjoy!

26/03/2008: it's lovely when Press Gang unexpectedly hijacks your train journey home, and all the nicer when there is photo of Spike involved...

24/03/2008: we're in the process of giving the website a little revamp, so forgive us if things look a little wibbly wobbly for a few days...

21/03/2008: Three times the charm?!? The nominees for the 2008 Hugo Awards have been announced. Blink features on the shortlist for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form, alongside Paul Cornell's Human Nature/Family of Blood.

20/03/2008: Learn How To Be a Clockwork Man in Issue #56 of Doctor Who Adventures.

17/03/2008: Joking Apart Series 2 is out  DVD today - visit the Replay website to buy your copy. We'll be posting our review of Series 2 on the site shortly.

13/03/2008: Doctor Who Adventures Issue #55 features Time Crash in Tales from the TARDIS.

06/03/2008: Doctor Who Magazine #393 reports that the Moffat 2-parter in Series 4 is entitled Silence in the Library/River's Run. Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon and Steve Pemberton.

29/02/2008: Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned is released on DVD on Monday March 10 (BBCDVD2604), with extras including Time Crash.

28/02/2008: its been more than a month since we reported the chance of yet another award... so it is with no sense of surprise we learn that Jekyll has two nominations (Best Drama & Best Entertainer) at the forthcoming Rose d'Or Festival.

27/02/2008: Doctor Who Adventures Issue #52 features the Top 10 Heroes, with Sally Sparrow at #10, plus a Blink poster, and a chess stand-off between the Weeping Angels and The Gorgon.

20/02/2008: Joking Apart Series 2 is released on March 17. You can pre-order the 2-disc DVD exclusively from the Replay website by clicking on the link below.

13/02/2008: Doctor Who Adventures Issue #51 features a free Blink notebook and pen set, plus the Blink Attack! game, and teaches you how to draw a Weeping Angel.

06/02/2008: Doctor Who Adventures Issue #50 features the Top 50 Top Scares, with the Weeping Angels at #1, The Empty Child at #3, and the Clockwork Men at #41. Also features a Weeping Angel poster, and The Empty Child in Tales from the TARDIS.

03/02/2008: We've noticed the site counter going a bit bananas over the last week or so... why can that be?!! [Sorry, but we don't speculate on speculation here!] In the meantime... the Gallifrey One convention in LA is now only a matter of days away - click on the banner below for more information. And don't forget that Joking Apart Series 2 is released on March 17. You can pre-order the 2-disc DVD exclusively from the Replay website.

28/01/2008: Doctor Who Adventures Issue #49 has a Time Crash poster, the essential guide to the Fifth Doctor, plus Arthur's secret's from The Girl in the Fireplace.

26/01/2008: Jekyll begins on UKTV Gold at 9:20 pm, from Wednesday January 30th.

25/01/2008: obviously we are reluctant to mention the chance of Yet Another Award, but Blink has been put up for consideration for a BAFTA Craft Award, and features in the 2007 Preliminary Nebula Ballot. We strongly suspect someone will soon be needing a bigger mantelpiece...

24/01/2008: the BBC's Doctor Who website reports Alex Kingston and Colin Salmon will be starring in the as-yet-untitled Moffat 2-parter in Series 4.

20/01/2008: Steven Moffat is interviewed in the latest issue of MovieScope magazine, covering Jekyll, Coupling and Doctor Who.

13/01/2008: fingers & toes crossed for James Nesbitt, who is up for a 2008 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Mini Series for Jekyll...

12/01/2008: Issue #46 of Doctor Who Adventures features a Weeping Angel poster - on sale now! The Moff is guesting at the Gallifrey One convention in LA next month, and events include a live commentary for Blink. Click on the banner below for more information. And don't forget that Joking Apart Series 2 is released on March 17. You can pre-order the 2-disc DVD exclusively from the Replay website.

31/12/2007: Blink featured in Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year, although only Jonathan Ross and Lily Allen correctly remembered what happens if you blink... Rob Brydon and David Mitchell had clearly watched the story but were fuzzy on the detail, whilst the Goth Detectives resorted to cheating. Badly. Still, we remain dead chuffed that the question itself makes the Weeping Angels 2007's most memorable TV moment...

23/12/2007: He's officially hot!  The Broadcast Hot 100 features The Moff - and quite rightly too!!  [the Broadcast website requires registration to read articles, but the text is reproduced here, including their factual inaccuracies...]

22/12/2007: Issue #45 of Doctor Who Adventures features a Weeping Angel mask and a cut-out version for the top of your Christmas tree - on sale now!

16/12/2007: excellent news from Replay!  Joking Apart Series 2 will be released on March 17 2008. You can now pre-order the 2-disc DVD exclusively from the Replay website.

05/12/2007: making Heat magazine again - TV Editor Boyd Hilton votes "the Blink episode of Doctor Who" his favourite TV show of 2007 - scan here. Oh, and the Chrismoff icon is courtesy of the lovely Flip!

21/11/2007: I have been chastised today by Himself for overlooking his latest glorious award winning exploits - the writing team for Doctor Who Series 3 scooped a Writers Guild of Great Britain Award for Best TV Series earlier this week. Also reported on the BBC's  Doctor Who news pages, with an amusing quote from The Moff.

19/11/2007: Time Crash stormed the Children in Need ratings with a massive 10.9 million viewers and a 45% share (overnights) [from the BBC's Doctor Who news pages]

18/11/2007: We'd like to wish Himself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Long may you be showered with awards, dominate the TV schedules, and admire the deadlines as they whistle past.

16/11/2007: tonight is the night! Time Crash screens as part of Children in Need, sometime between 8-9pm. If you enjoy the story (which of course you will!!), please remember to make a donation.

14/11/2007: Murder Most Horrid is currently showing on Paramount Comedy 2 - today's episode is Moff's Overkill. Check MoffWatch for forthcoming episode times.

03/11/2007: Character Options have recently released several new 5" action figures, including a Weeping Angel from Blink, and Dr Constantine from The Empty Child.

09/11/2007: Time Crash features on the cover of the Radio Times, and is previewed in Issue #42 of Doctor Who Adventures.

25/10/2007: Issue #41 of Doctor Who Adventures features Blink in Tales from the TARDIS - on sale now!

22/10/2007: BBC Doctor Who news page and The Sun preview Time Crash...

20/10/2007: BBC Press Information previews Children in Need on November 16, including the special episode of Doctor Who written by The Moff. Just click on Pudsey to make a donation.

13/10/2007: following a late-night weekend marathon, Coupling returns to Paramount Comedy 2 on Mondays at 9pm.

18/10/2007: Doctor Who Magazine #388 features a 3-page 'Out of the TARDIS' interview with The Moff - on sale now.

08/10/2007: Issue #40 of Doctor Who Adventures sports a 3-page feature on Blink and the Weeping Angels, plus a poster - on sale now!

02/10/2007: We can (finally!!) report the Big Secret... The Moff is currently working on the new Tintin movie with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Quite suddenly, all Frazz's sartorial choices (and Patrick's hair!!) begin to make sense. Announced online at the Hollywood Reporter. Can this mean the next project will be entitled Muscle Beach?!?!

15/09/2007: Blink's Weeping Angels have been voted Scariest Monster, taking a massive 55% of the vote, in Issue #38 of Doctor Who Adventures, on sale now.

03/09/2007: apologies for the late-breaking news, but we have a winner...!  The Moff scooped the 2007 Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form, beating off stiff competition from fellow Who scribes Russell T Davies and Toby Whithouse. We don't like to say we told you so, but those rockets will make a lovely pair of bookends...

21/08/2007: his famous tranchcoat?!!  More hot gossip from The Sun, and  dodgy spelling besides...

20/08/2007: there's a nice interview with James Nesbitt online at Media Blvd [with thanks to samati at jekyll_bbc]

16/08/2007: Who is Sally Sparrow? Find out in Issue #36 of Doctor Who Adventures... plus Blink Spot the Difference and a Weeping Angel gallery.

04/08/2007: the man himself sets those silly rumours to rest... reported at The Stage.

28/07/2007: the Jekyll pages at BBC America are now live, including exclusive video podcasts with The Moff and James Nesbitt. The series premieres in the US on August 4.

10/08/2007: Jekyll pages updated with consolidated viewing figures for episodes 1-6.

03/08/2007: not wishing to propagate scurrilous rumours, but it also seems rude to ignore juicy tabloid chatter about The Moff ... here and here. Plus, you can make yourself a Weeping Angel mask in Issue #35 of Doctor Who Adventures, on sale now!

17/07/2007: Jekyll premieres on Showcase in Canada on August 29, and on BBC Canada from October 8.

15/07/2007: among the choicest reporting on Friday The 13th's Jekyll press conference in the US: Taxi for Moffat! and Burning His Bridges...  Well, we didn't want to lose him to LA anyway...

08/07/2007: Blink media section has been updated. Jekyll also features in the August issue of Death Ray magazine.

29/06/2007: there's a 7-page Blink set report in Doctor Who Magazine Issue #384, plus The Moff drops names all over the place in Production Notes.

26/06/2007: Jekyll will air on Showcase in Canada, although the date is still to be confirmed.

22/06/2007: more tabloid coverage and icons added for Blink. And one of Sally Sparrow's DVDs features on a billboard on BBC's Doctor Who homepage this week...

18/06/2007: Jekyll ratings for episode 1 added, plus a review in the media area

16/06/2007: Jekyll media area has been updated with previews for episode 1.

14/06/2007: The Moff is interviewed in The Stage about Jekyll and other exciting stuff!

13/06/2007: "I would revive that like a shot. I would love to do a reunion episode - a grown-up version." Almost certainly the most exciting thing we've heard since 21st May 1993... and most definitely NOT Bad News!

12/06/2007: News of Adam & Eve reported in The Stage online [Flip, I love you!!] and Jekyll appears on the cover of at least five of this weeks TV listings magazines.

11/06/2007: Jekyll makes the cover of this week's Radio Times, and there's an interview with James Nesbitt here.

10/06/2007: there's a transcript of the Tennant/Moffat bits plus screencaps from Doctor Who Confidential here.

09/06/2007: Blink media area now has tabloid preview scans here.

06/06/2007: Heat gives Blink a five star preview, the BBC's Doctor Who homepage has been updated, and Blink has been added to the Episode Guide. Radio Times article added here.

05/06/2007: the Jekyll pages at bbc.co.uk/drama are now live.

03/06/2007: BBC1 are now running a teaser trail for Jekyll - screencaps here.  And The Moff appears on next week's Doctor Who Confidential - there's a sneak preview here.

02/06/2007: SFX Issue #158 features Jekyll and an interview with The Moff. SFX reports the BBC transmission date as June 23rd, a week later than Hartswood, although it seems things have changed since the magazine went to press.  PI on the BBC's own website still shows the series as 'unplaced' in Week 25.

01/06/2007: Hartswood Films report that Jekyll begins on BBC1, Saturday June 16th at 9pm.

31/05/2007: Doctor Who Magazine Issue #383 features an in-depth interview with The Moff, covering Blink, as well as words of wisdom on his previous Who work.

23/05/2007: the BBC press pack for Jekyll is now online here [thanks to the ever-vigilant and totally marvellous Flip!]

20/05/2007: spotted at the BAFTA TV Awards - The Moff!  However, in an alarming twist, no awards were bestowed upon him the entire evening. Some mistake, surely...?!?

09/05/2007: No word yet on the UK transmission of Jekyll, but we have just learned that the series will run on BBC America (who coproduced the show in the US), from August 4th.

30/04/2007: "I hope Russell and Toby lose." The ever-gracious Moff on his fellow Hugo Award nominees, suggesting that perhaps he's not quite as comfortable with the size of his already massive collection of awards as he previously led us to believe...

22/04/2007: Two Moffat villains in the Scariest Top Ten!  Click here for more

18/04/2007: still much loved... Press Gang is the top pick by HEAT staff as their all-time favourite kids show in this week's issue. There's a scan here. Hurrah!

16/04/2007: Coupling, from the beginning, starts on Paramount Comedy 2 from Monday April 23rd, as part of the Made In Britain slot

13/04/2007: Mr Hyde is coming... apparently.

05/04/2007: Podshocked! Outpost Gallifrey's Podshock 71 is now online, featuring an interview with Steven (and a rather dodgy photo!) Link to mp3 download.

29/03/2007: Surprise surprise!  The Girl in the Fireplace has been nominated for a 2007 Hugo Award. Fellow WHO nominees from Series 2 are Toby Whithouse for School Reunion and RTD for Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. Far be it from us to express any favouritism in this matter, but anyone who has seen Going Back to Jasper Street knows that all the best bookends come in pairs... [news courtesy of Paul Cornell]

16/03/2007: Support Comic Relief - and play a special red nose version of MoffJongg!

03/03/2007: Moffat Action Figures! Well okay, not quite. But you can now buy Captain Jack/The Child and Clockwork Men (black or blue, in 5" or 12" version). (I'll post a link to Amazon once they sort themselves out with some stock - in the meantime, try Ebay)

21/02/2007: Jekyll is now likely transmit over the summer, probably in a Saturday evening slot - more information as we get it.  The 10th anniversary celebrations for Chalk are due to go live on this site in the next few days.  And agonising though it is, there are other mega-exciting developments that we can't tell you about just yet, as they are still ultra-top-secret... so watch this space.  (Also, thanks to Himself for being wise and funny this weekend. No change there, then. Oh, and Hu... GO!)

14/01/2007: the Press Gang Fans Forum is now live! Go join immediately!

12/01/2007: The Girl in the Fireplace has been nominated for a Nebula Award - the full list of nominations can be found here.

24/12/2006: Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2007!

08/12/2006: BBC Winter/Spring launch publicity features Jekyll as the lead title. There's also a news story here.

28/11/2006: Coupling Series 4 begins a repeat run on BBC2 on December 7th (thanks to Lisa for the heads-up!)

18/11/2006: this website is officially launched (Happy Birthday!!)

16/11/2006: Mark Gatiss has joined the cast of Jekyll - you can read the BBC Press Office announcement here.



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