Born in Paisley in 1961, Steven Moffat started his career as a teacher before a fortuitous chain of events allowed him to create the hugely successful Press Gang for Richmond Films. Five series on and a couple of top industry awards later, he had established himself as a writer who could stretch the traditional 25 minute format into new and fascinating shapes, and drive astonishing emotional drama from what could have been 'merely' top-notch humour for kiddies.


His 'adult' situation comedies - Joking Apart, Chalk and Coupling - have enjoyed varying degrees of success. Each of them demand considerably more from the viewer than the average comedy half-hour, with Coupling in particular creating dizzying new narrative templates, and executed to perfection in episodes such as Nine and a Half Minutes and Split.


As a life-long fan of Doctor Who, it is fitting that the series has given Moffat his most mainstream successes to date, with the instantly-iconic gasmask-wearing "Are You My Mummy?" boy from The Empty Child/Doctor Dances earning him the Top TV Moment of 2005, The Girl in the Fireplace earning him a second Hugo award, and the exemplary Blink snagging two BAFTA awards.


2007 brought his first post-watershed drama, in the form of the astonishing Jekyll, and a bonkers time-bending romp in the form of Time Crash for Children in Need.

2008 saw the transmission of his latest Doctor Who episodes - Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead -  and delivered two BAFTA awards for Blink, as well as an unprecedented third Hugo Award.


In May 2008 it was announced that Steven Moffat will be Lead Writer and Executive Producer for Series 5 of Doctor Who, although this has proved to be at the expense of his involvement in the forthcoming TinTin movies.


Watch this space for news of other forthcoming projects including Adam & Eve, the Sherlock Holmes project, plus the 20th anniversary of Press Gang, and of course any Doctor Who developments.


You can read more about Steven Moffat at the Hartswood Films website, and learn more about how Doctor Who influenced Steven's writing career from the transcript of Doctor Who Confidential: Do You Remember the First Time? first shown 9th June 2007.


The Broadcast Hot 100, December 2007


Hot 100 - Writers

Steven Moffat


The twin successes of BBC1 dramas Doctor Who and Jekyll single out Steven Moffat this year. His interpretation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic was described as "ingeniously playful". The same could be said of his work on Doctor Who, where he's tipped to take over from head writer Russell T Davies in 2009. Moffat's work has attracted attention from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, who recommended Moffat to Steven Spielberg as the writer for the duo's new Tintin trilogy. Moffat's break into TV was with BBC [sic] series Press Gang. He went on to create comedy drama Coupling, produced by wife Sue Vertue. The partnership continues with his next series for the BBC, Adam and Eve. There's even talk of Moffat updating Press Gang. "I'd love to do a return visit to the characters," he says. "They'll all be sad and fat, decaying in middle age."


Big Issue Scotland, 29 May - 4 June 2008


In his first full-length interview since being announced as the next lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat admits that he had to think hard about whether to accept the role, comparing his replacing Russell T Davies with fellow Scot Gordon Brown succeeding Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

"You wouldn’t immediately say yes to that job. You imagine that you would say yes immediately, but it’s a huge job and you have to think about it. I was kind of the other contender, which puts me sort of in the position of Gordon Brown. And look how that turned out. The surly Scot comes in and it all goes to ******."


Steven Moffat as Lead Writer & Executive Producer of Doctor Who


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