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November 2008

01/11/2008: Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace, Watch, 8:00 pm

01/11/2008: Doctor Who: Blink, BBC America, 6:00 pm

04/11/2008: Coupling: Nine and a Half Minutes, BBC America, 8:00 pm

11/11/2008: Coupling: Night Lines, BBC America, 8:00 pm

17/11/2008: Doctor Who: Series 4 boxset (BBCDVD2609)

17/11/2008: Doctor Who: The Empty Child, Watch, 6:00 pm

18/11/2008: Doctor Who: The Doctor Dances, Watch, 6:00 pm

18/11/2008: Coupling: Bed Time, BBC America, 8:00 pm

25/11/2008: Coupling: The Circus of the Epidurals, BBC America, 8:00 pm


December 2008

01/12/2008: Doctor Who: Blink, BBC3, 7:00 pm

02/12/2008: Coupling: The Naked Living Room, BBC America, 8:00 pm

09/12/2008: Coupling: Nine and a Half Months, BBC America, 9:20 pm

15/12/2008: Chalk Series 1 is released on DVD - visit the Replay website to order your copy!

16/12/2008: Coupling: Flushed, BBC America, 9:20 pm

23/12/2008: Coupling: Size Matters, BBC America, 9:20 pm

30/12/2008: Coupling: Sex Death & Nudity, BBC America, 9:20 pm


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