Eric Slatt hates everyone. Which doesn't really make him an ideal candidate for Deputy Head at Galfast High School (which, incidentally, competes for pupils with, and is therefore geographically adjacent to, a certain Norbridge High, last seen 'volunteering' its best and brightest pupils to work on The Junior Gazette...)

Only the collective ineptitude of the rest of the staff can explain how he came to rise to his current position. So pity poor Suzy Travis, who arrives fresh out of teacher training college, and quickly learns that the Staff Room holds far more livid horrors than any classroom of teenagers. And surely nothing can have prepared her for becoming the highest mountain peak in an oppressed regime... Sprocken zee Estransian?


First transmission: 20 February 1997, BBC1

Last transmission: 22 October 1997, BBC1

A Pola Jones Films production for BBC, 12 x 30'

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