Steve Taylor's long-term girlfriend Jane Christie won't let him end their four year relationship, and, being a woman, she resorts to the sort of low-down tactics against which all men are powerless: tales of lesbian adventures, wearing no underwear, and, most dastardly of all, exfoliation in extremis.

Susan Walker is in a relationship with Patrick Maitland - at least he thinks she is... but chances are she's fantasising about a bronzed antipodean whenever they're together.

Susan's best friend Sally Harper is saving her elasticity for Mr Right, and Steve's best friend Jeff Murdock is ecstatic if he manages to get through a conversation with a woman without dribbling on her or mentioning his (entirely fictional) false leg.

So when Steve meets Susan in the ladies toilets mid... coupling... with Jane, it is hardly the most auspicious of romantic beginnings.

Can Steve and Susan bridge the Sock Gap and get down to Doing the Squelchy? Is their relationship strong enough to endure the Lesbian Spank Inferno? And will the real Giselle please stand up...?


First transmission: 12 May 2000, BBC2

Last transmission: 14 June 2004, BBC3

Awards: Silver Rose, Montreux TV Festival 2001; Best TV Comedy, British Comedy Awards 2003


A Hartswood Films production for BBC, 28 x 30'

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