"Being perfectly honest, have you tried reading Dracula or Frankenstein? You'd be found dead of boredom. Fiction for a dustier age - stories that never had to compete with The X-Factor. Actually, Jekyll and Hyde is really good, but it's built around one big, amazing twist that I'm going to blow for you right now - Jekyll and Hyde are the same person... What survives of that original story is a big, grand, mad idea - the man who turns into his own demon. And that's too big and grand and mad to be locked into one plot. Everyone should have a turn. And, yes, purists are going to say that's wrong and wicked, and that the achievement of Robert Louis Stevenson is worthy of greater respect. But what bigger achievement is there than creating a story that everyone wants to tell?"

Steven Moffat, interviewed for The Guardian, on how he overcame the 'respect' problem when adapting The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. You can read the full article here.


Nowhere to Hyde - Steven Moffat writes about the making of Jekyll, The Big Question, and Gina Bellman's girlfriends. Originally published in Square Eyes, Winter 2007, by BBC Worldwide


Sympathy For The Devil by Louise Welsh, article in The Guardian, 9 June 2007

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